Non-Profit Board Consultation & Support

A great board puts its arms around, not fingers in, your non-profit organization. 

Sometimes boards have a challenge getting board governance “right”. They struggle with bylaws, creating governance policies, recruiting new members and doing performance appraisals of their one employee! 

These things can be pretty daunting tasks for a group of volunteers. Sometimes they leave it to the executive director or CEO to help and sometimes there are just not enough hours in the to make things happen!

Paula LOVES to work with board volunteers and spends many hours a month consulting and facilitating board training, planning and problem-solving sessions by telephone, video conference and email!  

If your board needs an energy boost to get things going, or needs some advice or support with a specific goal (like creating bylaws, governance policies or an ED performance appraisal process) just contact us with a bit of information on your specific challenge and Paula will get back to you in a flash (seriously, she is known for being very speedy). 

The initial telephone or email consultation is completely FREE!